mag1As an Experienced Journalists, we do believe  for not-for-profit venture, digital International (Online) magazine should be the top priority for communications and spreading awareness. For our proposed English crime and human rights magazine style website where you have many categories (human trafficking, drug trafficking, atrocities, Video Streaming,Cross border terrorism, cyber crimes, etc..).The website should be mobile optimized that works on Smartphone, Tablets and Desktops. And well formatted contact form to email the details for what a user is looking for. Also the website should be in multiple languages.

adult films

We accept donations through Payza      &

Western Union  

We also want to convert our critically acclaimed weblog shanthanubh’s Desk( previously Shanthanubh’s Weblog) & to full fledged website with additional interactive features  So we think that awareness is necessary to eradicate these kind of crime against humanity. We want to promote community awareness by connecting people but more professional way like blending information with attract young generation According to expert, journalism seeks a popular audience rather than academic slave
We need foundations and individual donors to back our non-profit ventures.We need donation to keep our projects alive.

. Donor’s names will appear regularly on our websites.

peacockAvailable on WhatsApp +91 9903783187

                                                       65,Block-C, Bangur Avenue,Calcutta-700055(West Bengal)  PH No:+91 9903783187,+91 8334049984



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