Mission of Journalism

I want to remind my readers the definition of True Journalism.

According to experts:

* The best journalists are life-long learners.They’re good at their craft but they never think they know it all (Veteran Journalist Deborah Potter).

* We are not here to merely make a living.

One should believe in the mission of journalism.

* The question that a senior Journalist ask for himself is how do I do a story and still retain my journalistic ethics.

Pic Courtesy: http://www.zazzle.com

* Apply different strategy where emotions are running high and the person whose visuals (read interviews) we want to take,is an ordinary person not a public figure.

* Always remember that We are not from the Mars.

* While covering a story,we should always know how not to hurt people.

* Always treat people the way you like to be treated.

* Journalists enjoy the same kind of privileges where manners are concerned.

* We should brake the notion that those of us in media are arrogant,highhanded and disrespectful.

* We always evolute what our limits are in covering a story-the scope of our Journalistic ethics.


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