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Sunny Leon is among the very few Indians who rule the adult film industry in America. Karen Malhotra or better known as Sunny Leone is a famous Adult star who was born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada to Punjabi Sikh parents from India.When she was 15 years old, her parents moved to California, USA.  As a college student she was first introduced to agent Jon Stevens by a class mate.Penthouse photographer Jay Allan offered her to shoot for the magazine. She gladly accepted it. Explicit Photos of Sunny in adult magazines like Hustler, Swank made her famous. There’s been no looking back since. She is famous for her hot & sexy body and acting skill.Sunny also had small appearances in mainstream movies like “The girl next door”. She was also invited at many TV shows as guest.Erotic Idol. Sunny, Virtual Vivid Girl are some of her famous movies.She earned a lot from her website WWW.SUNNYLEONE.COM. Two years ago, she launched a production house along with her business partner Daniel Weber which produces high quality adult entrainment DVDs as well as mainstream movies. To celebrate the occasion, Sunny hosted a party at Plumm night club in New York city on 12 September, 2008.The CEO of the Sunlust pictures Daniel Weber who is also a guitarist with a rock band called Spyderz, rumors that he is engaged with Sunny. During a recent email interview with me, he gives us an insight into the Adult film industry and Sunny Leon:

  • How do you describe the Adult film industry in America?

Daniel Weber: I think it is unique but a little over saturated at the moment. To many people here think they can shoot good movies and dont do it correct. It is a art and a business and needs to be done correct

  • Do actors feel uncomfortable when they are posing in sexually explicit positions?

Daniel Weber: Not if they make a career of dong this. They understand how to work the camera

  • From Karen Malhotra to famous porn star how you see the transformation of Sunny Leon who is also your business partner?

Daniel Weber: She is the strongest person I know and she is successful at everything she does. From Adult Super star to Successful Studio owner is not easy but she did it.

  • Please describe the present and future ventures of Sunlust Pictures?Are you only concentrate on Adult movies?

Daniel Weber: We are working on a script right now for mainstream

  • How the Adult movie industry in America cope up with AIDS menace?

Daniel Weber: Performers get tested every 4 weeks in the adult industry. It is safer than meeting a person out in the normal world.

  • As a business partner and a close friend of Sunny, how you rate the Actress?

Daniel Weber: SHE WAS PENTHOUSE PET OF THE YEAR IN 2003.She was pet of the month in 2001.I rate her as the best in the business.

  • ‘Sunny Leone is a beautiful woman and she deserves a normal life with husband and children and not a career like porn actress.’ Do you agree in that?

Daniel Weber: She choose her career long before me and she loves what she does. It is her choice

  • How you shoot Adult movies ?

Daniel Weber: Its all the same, Multi camera and same techniques as regular movies.

  • What’s the difference between playboy style pictures and XXX rated movies?

Daniel Weber: Playboy is soft and glamor. XXX is hard.

  • Have you any idea about India’s X-rated flicks? I think not much because India does not allow X rated.

Daniel Weber: We have tried to get Sunny Leone movie there but did not succeed

  • If you have any plan for joint venture (Indian style adult films) in India ?

Daniel Weber: We have been speaking with many Indian actors and Producers in the Indian community about Joint projects. There is the issue of Adult filming not legal in India but many want to come here to shoot.

  • Do you think that the Indian society is still mature enough to produce adult films ?

Daniel Weber: I think the Indian society is ready to do it and can do a great job of it.

  • According to a World Bank study, American Adult film producers and directors are heading towards Brazil looking for new talent where actors could not afford regular HIV tests that cost $140 each, and producers feared being sued by actors getting the virus while working.What’s your opinion?

Daniel Weber: I have not heard this, shooting in Brazil has take place for many years already and when we shoot we require tests to be shown before filming. I think that if studio’s are willing to overlook this test then they should pay the consequences

  • Describe the structure of The Adult Film and Video Association of America (AFVAA)?

Daniel Weber: I do not know this

  • How do you describe Jamie Gillis, Aldo Ray,John Leslie,Paul Thomas, Jerry Butler, Jennifer Welles, Georgina Spelvin,Desireé Cousteau,Samantha Fox,Veronica Hart,Kelly Nichols, Rachel Ashley,Gloria Leonard and other veteran in Adult film industry?

Daniel Weber: I think that they were the pioneers that allowed the industry to become what it is today which is a legitimate business. They broke the walls of conservative America.

  • How you describe Jax,the porn director and his recent films?

Daniel Weber: I don’t know Jax

  • Do you satisfied with the work of AIDS Health care Foundation (AHF) to prevent and treatment of HIV ?

Daniel Weber: Yes I am satisfied with the progress they have made in recent years. Today you can live with HIV much longer than before.

  • Please describe the legal frame work of American Adult film industry and constitutional provision for Indian readers?

Daniel Weber: This is not for me to answer.

  • Do you think that adult entertainment companies in America should set employee policies?

Daniel Weber: What type of policies ! In every business there are guild lines set already and every business sets there own.

  • Do you have any idea about Calcutta the capital city of West Bengal and it’ s  four day long famous Autumn festival (Durga Puja)?

Daniel Weber: I do not know about this.


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A calcutta(India)based Independent newsresearcher and Investigative reporter.He has been working as a journalist for more than 15 years.He had worked as a news researcher for various news based programs in Calcutta.Shanthanu considers Deborah Potter and Theressha Collington Moore as his mentor because in his early days of journalism carrier, he was inspired and motivited by their works and learnt a lot from them about media ethics and news research.Though,a news researcher don't get enough credit for his job,he sticks to it.He believes that as journalists we should follow the jounalism mantra that if your mother says she loves you, check it out.we work as a store clerk.we believe that facts are more important than adjectives.Earlier,he also worked as a private investigator to brush up his skill as an Investigative Reporter.

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