Honor killing is a social menace

Pic Courtesy:BBC

In India,1,000 women are killed annually in the name of honor of the family. Honor Killing is rampant in the states of Punjab and Haryana. On February18,2009,a girl’s family killed her husband’s mother and uncle in a case of honour killing in Bullowal village under Batala Police station,Punjab.

On March 25,2009,the body of a young woman of Chaplamouri village of Fatehabad district of Haryana was recovered from a canal.Victim’s family claimed that the case was the result of honor killing.On April 9,2008,a teenage girl from Dargaheri village underTanda police station(Punjab) was killed by her parents.

On June 15,2008, one Sarabjit Singh, killed his sister and her husband at Rajpura village of Punjab.His sister Sanvinder eloped with Suresh Kumar just two days before her marriage was fixed with some other person.In that month(June)a married woman was murdered because she had eloped with another person belonged to lower cast in Rupawaas vill.Hariyana.On January 26,2008 a girl was strangulated by her father at Mahal village near Amritsar(Punjab). She was killed because she refused to marry any other boy except the one she was in love with.The boy whom the girl wanted to marry belonged to a lower cast.Another incident of honor killing took place in Karora village in Kaithal of Hariyana on July 2,2007 when two young lovers were killed. Their fault was that they loved each other.S o girl’s family members punish them for ‘dishonoring’ them. 
Like Pakistan there are in numerous cases of honor killing in India. Honor killing is a social menace in India.States like Punjab and Haryana are most effected. Haryana has a dismal performance of human right violation against women.The Supreme Court of India termed honor killing as barbaric and shameful acts of murder.But these type of incident increases.Most of the victims are girls and young couples.Marrying out of caste or religion outraged family members and they have no regret.Even father and brother shot dead their daughter and sister for ‘protecting the family’s honor’. The Judges of Punjab and Haryana High Court expressed their concern over the issue.According to United Nations Commission on Human Rights, honor killings have occurred in countries like India,Bangladesh, Pakistan,England,Brazil, Ecuador,Egypt, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Morocco,Turkey,Sweden,Uganda.


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