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Freedom of Expression!


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Netizens believe that right to poke fun and even to offend others even religiously or even cyber stalking is an integral part of freedom of speech but some experts believe that freedom is not absolute and should not use as a licence to abuse.Freedom of speech dies not provide the right to offend others and hurt the sensibilities including religious sensibilities. We should know where to draw line in cyber world.Freedom makes it   possible for  both good and bad expression. 


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Freedom of Expression


Pick of the Day: Freedom of Speech


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Search for a missing Journalist

Uttarbanga Sambad

Uttarbanga Sambad headline says that a massive search is going on for the missing scribe by the Crime Investigation Department (CID).

A journalist working for Uttarb Sambad, a widely circulated Bengali daily newspaper of North Bengal has gone missing on  August 2 in Alipurduar days after he lodged a complaint with the police He claimed that he received threatening calls from racketeers regularly. Chyan Sarker the reporter was investigating a college admission scam where it was alleged that student leaders of ruling political party of Bengal were involved. Earlier he was threatened and a group of men broke into his home and ransacked it. However, he wasn’t there.The case has been handed over to Crime Investigation Department (CID) by the state government.

The ‘Death’ of a writer

Perumal Murugan  Pic

Perumal Murugan
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Like our western counterparts, we also condemn the horrific massacre of Charlie Hebdo journalists. But why we are mum about the ‘death’ of a prominent South Indian writer named Perumal Murugan? Recently he has announced his ‘death’ as a writer after he was hounded by extremists who play caste based  politics in South Indian states specially in Tamil Nadu.He has been critical of caste based politics of Tamil Nadu specially in Kongu region. Actually, his much acclaimed novel Mathorupaagan angered the right wing extremists and campaign against his works intensified so much that he compelled to announce his ‘death’ as a writer.It is an absolute violation of freedom of expression.

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Freedom of Press!

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