Save female foeticide

Social scientists has emphasized the need for a shift in the mindset of society towards women in order to improve the skewed sex ratio in the state of Haryana.Owing to a skewed sex ratio in Haryana, marriageable youths are finding it difficult to find brides.There are Several instances where brides have been purchased for money have been reported from various parts of the state.The ratio of girls in comparison to the boys has been miserably falling in the states of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. According to social scientists, it’s unfortunate that when 2009 is being celebrated as a year of the girl child.Skewed sex ratio in some parts of Haryana has forced parents to go for ‘barter system’ in marriages in order to find brides for their sons.A recent incident in Hisar district of the state where a minor girl was being married to Nathu Ram of Kuleri village, in exchange of the girl’s maternal uncle.This is called barter system.But the timely intervention of the administration,the girl was saved.The government of Haryana claimed that efforts of the government had succeeded in bringing about some improvement in the gender imbalance. In the northern states of India, female foeticide being an age old practice.Effective measures against illegal practices of sex determination tests and abortions are being taken by the successive governments of Punjab and Haryana For example, Fatehgarh Sahib district of Punjab now has 845 female per thousand males.But as per the 2001 census, the number of females was just 761.In previous years, the numbers were 868 (2008) 798 (2007),769 (2006).But, social activists feel that there is an urgent need to start a mass movement against female foeticide.


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