Fatima found her in a brothel

Picture Courtesy: Gabor Dvornik/ Flickr

Picture Courtesy: Gabor Dvornik/ Flickr

Shortly before midnight on a Sunday, I met Fatima (name changed). Fatima,a 30-year-old, dressed in a blue sari told me, “I’m here to say you something.” Then she narrated how she and other girls from Bangladesh were forced to work as prostitutes in brothels.

Three summers ago, Fatima along with several others Bangladeshi nationals traveled across one of porous border of Bengal and caught a night train to Sealdah. Then they were lured by some men by offering decent jobs. After that they traveled with them to a nearby place. But later Fatima found her in a brothel room.

The number of Bangladeshi women  in red light areas in India is increasing day by day.In  red light areas of Mumbai their number is nearly 5,000, 20 percent of 25,000 sex workers, while even 20 years ago there was hardly any Bangladeshi girl in brothels in Mumbai.

Recently, I visited the border areas of  West Bengal where Bangladeshi girls from poor families being brought in as sex-workers. Here, I found a girl from a very poor family in Rangpur district of Bangladesh and had been brought to a brothel in Calcutta by a man named Motiul to work as a sex worker. But, she somehow managed to flee.

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A calcutta(India)based Independent newsresearcher and Investigative reporter.He has been working as a journalist for more than 15 years.He had worked as a news researcher for various news based programs in Calcutta.Shanthanu considers Deborah Potter and Theressha Collington Moore as his mentor because in his early days of journalism carrier, he was inspired and motivited by their works and learnt a lot from them about media ethics and news research.Though,a news researcher don't get enough credit for his job,he sticks to it.He believes that as journalists we should follow the jounalism mantra that if your mother says she loves you, check it out.we work as a store clerk.we believe that facts are more important than adjectives.Earlier,he also worked as a private investigator to brush up his skill as an Investigative Reporter.

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