The Mystic Eye

Pic Courtesy:Miss Pupik

Pic Courtesy:Miss Pupik

I first met Rituparna Roy in an optical store in downtown Calcutta. She was a tall, beautiful woman in her early thirties with short, blond hair, beautiful blue eyes and fair skin. She looked at me directly and spoke softly, ” Contact lenses help me see the world in all its beauty.” She has been using daily disposable contact lenses for the past eight years. Now , she is switching to daily disposable contact lenses that need to removed from a person’s eyes on a daily basis..They are so comfortable that she forget that she is wearing them. She told me that she just love how her conventional contact lenses feel so moist and comfortable when she first put them in.But hate how they got more dry and uncomfortable as the day went on.After all we want contact lenses that feel fresh and comfortable all day long.We care about keeping our eyes healthy.”When I began searching for the daily disposable contact lenses which can be use daily but doesn’t cost much, I found Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue daily disposable contact lenses are very useful, ” she added. She asked herself that if I change the clothes everyday and why not change the contact lenses! ” After all it’s my style statement,” she giggles. According to her, prices of these lenses are not very high and can protect eyes smoothly.She prefers sable brown, aqua and crystal blue color contact lenses. Her friend Raya also feel that she is very comfortable with these lenses. “We can show to the world our true personality without glasses now. The contact lenses can be bought from this store. We can also purchase online. There are so much discounts available.” she concluded.

Rituparna believes that wearing contact lenses may be a freeing experience for those with bad vision rather than wearing glasses. She consulted Ophthalmologist and he suggested that she should use daily contact lenses because as daily disposables are worn for shorter durations and disposed of, they do not allow a lot of protein buildup which can agitate the eye and cloud the lenses. But, Rituparna and her friends still prefer spectacle as a backup. For that they use only designer plastic frames with spring temple, needle Injected reading glass which cost around Rs.3,000 ($6). Contact lenses need some minor maintenance .There are vast ranges of contact lenses in local market. Shop owners claim that demand for daily disposable contact lens increase in recent times because those who don’t have the time to clean their contact lenses. They use them for a daily and then throw them away.According to Himalaya Optical, one of India’s largest retail, daily disposable contact lenses provide extra hygiene, comfort and fresh vision.

Pic Courtesy:Francesca Frakokot

Pic Courtesy:Francesca Frakokot

One recent report indicates that the Indian market for contact lens segments is alone estimated at $10 million (USD).In India,Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson,Essilor and others play an important role. According to experts, daily disposable lenses often prescribed as new daily wear in Jordan, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.In India specially younger ones prefer daily disposable contact lenses. Consumers in Middle East spend significant amounts on the purchase of contact lenses apart from sunglasses, frames, and other eye care.The high purchasing power and the harsh climatic conditions of the region also help to increase the demand. Therefore, the market for high-end and branded ophthalmic products including contact lenses is worth over $ 2 billion (USD) .

Bausch & Lomb introduced softens multi functional contact lenses which they claim that it enables customer to see well at all distances. Prices of Bausch & Lomb daily wear varies from $18.00 per lens to $39.00 per lens (according to power).On the other hand, Johnson & Johnson has introduced 1-Day Acuvue,1-Day Acuvue Moist,1-Day Acuvue TruEye. Price ranges between $ 22.95 per box( 30 lenses per box) to $ 67.95 per box (90 lenses per box).CIBA Vision also introduced Focus Dailies 90PK, price $ 35.95 per box (90 Lenses per box).There are other players like Abbott Medical Optics, Inc, Alcon Inc,Contact Lens Portfolio, Lens Care Portfolio, CooperVision, Inc,Vistakon.


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