Space missions

India’s first unmanned mission to Moon Chandrayan1’s scheduled launch will be on Wednesday(October 22).Indian Space Research Organisition(ISRO)has started countdown for the launch from Monday.

Chronology of World’s space missions:

Oct.4,1957:Sputnik2 first earth orbitting satellite.

Vanguard TV3(America) The launch failed.

Jan,1959:Luna1(Russia)first lunar fly-by

Jan 4,1959:Luna1(Russia)


1961:Vostok1 first manned(Yuri Gagarin)eartth orbitter


1964:first Mars fly-by


1965:Venera3 landed on Venus

1966:luna9 first unmanned spacecraft landed on the Moon


1967:venera4 first spacecraft to transmit data from Venus’s surface

1968:Apollo8(America)first manned Lunar orbiter

July 20,1969:Apollo11 first manned lunar landing(Neil Armstriong,Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon)

1970:Apollo13(unsuccessful mission)

Venera7-Venus lander


1971:Mars2(Russia)first Mars orbiter

Mars3 first Mars lander

1972:pioneer10(America) first Jupiter fly-by

1973:pioneer11 first mission to Saturn fly-by


1975:Venera9 first Venus orbiter and lander

Viking1 Mars orbiter and lander

1976:Helious2(America)space craft closest to Sun

1977:Voyager2(America)flew by Jupiter,Saturn,Neptune and Uranus

1981:STS1 first space shutttle flight

1985:Sakigake (Japan) comet Halley fly-by

1989:Galileo (America) first jupiter orbiter

1990:Hubble Space Telescope observatoty in space

1995:SOHO Solar Heliospheric solar observatory

1996:NEAR(America)first near earth asteroid rendezvous mission

2001:Genesis(America) first mission to collect solar wind sample

2005:Messenger(America)Mercury orbiter

2006:New Horizons(america)Pluto-kuiper belt study

STEREO(America) solar terrestrial Relations obervator

2007:Phoenix (America)Mars polar lander

Selene(Japan) lunar orbiter

Dawn(America)Asteroids Ceres and vesta orbiter

Change’e1(China) lunar orbiter


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